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3 Brilliant Gifts to Surprise Your Beau with On International Men’s Day

Most guys are always complaining that nobody seems to remember Men’s Day while everyone goes all out for Women’s Day. Well, chances are that most men don’t even know about Men’s Day being an actual thing. And this is why it’s the perfect day to surprise them! But in case you’re feeling just as clueless, it’s just around the corner—on November 19th.

Here are a few fun gift ideas for you to put together by then.

A Care Package with Some Everyday Essentials

Care packages are an excellent idea because they’re the perfect way to let your better half know that you know exactly what they like. Moreover, with a care package, you can skip on the conventional chocolates and flowers and give a man the things he’ll actually use and enjoy.

Although it comes down to personal choice, you could include things like beer, cologne, some warm fuzzy socks, maybe throw in some grooming essentials, like a trimmer and some aftershave. You can also include some skincare that you know they’ll never invest in on their own but would love as a gift anyway. Oh, and don’t forget their favorite snacks.

A Black Leather Duffle Bag Filled with Cool Travel Accessories

A black leather duffel bag

If your beau is a travel buff, then this is the ultimate care package for them. You can order this classy black leather duffle bag and fill it with any travel essentials you can find.

These can be anything from portable chargers and Bluetooth speakers to neck pillows and sunglasses. You can also include a leather passport holder and some other leather goods to match the duffle bag, like a classic black leather belt, for instance.

A Premium Quality Leather Belt and A Matching Wallet

While care packages are cool and trendy, you can always stick with more conventional choices like leather belts and wallets if you know that’s what your partner would prefer.

You can have the leather wallet personalized by having their initials engraved on it. It would add a great touch to the gift.

Also, make sure to buy leather belts that are of great quality and would last long. In fact, we have an extensive collection of leather belts online at Belt Up in Australia that you might want to check out.

We also have the duffel bag in stock, along with some other assorted accessories that you can include in the care package.

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