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Holiday Gift Guide 2021: 3 Brilliant Ideas To Impress Your Loved Ones

There’s still a while left until the holidays, and there’s definitely enough time to shop for Christmas presents, but it’s never easy.

While most people are easy to figure out, and you can usually tell what they’d like, others—read mums and dads—are downright cryptic. They keep saying there isn’t anything they want, while they’d obviously like something. They’d also be upset if you go all out and get them something amazing.

So, we’ve put together a fool-proof gift guide for the loved ones that are vague about what they would want.

Food and Skincare for The Practical Ones

Let’s be honest, you can’t really go wrong with a gift package filled with food. And the only thing that’s better or perhaps equal to food is some yummy skincare.

Therefore, a gift of food and skincare is perfect for parents and other people who prefer practical presents instead of fancy and decorative items. Moreover, it’s a present you can easily put together if you know the snacks they like. And since they’re your loved ones, you’d know their skin type too or would definitely know who to ask.

And in case you’re still in doubt, go with safe items like chocolates, nuts, champaign, cheese crackers, and for skincare you can choose sheet masks, hand and foot creams and perhaps facial mists.

Personalized Gift Items for The Ones You Really Want to Impress

Christmas is the perfect time to get personalized gifts for your loved ones. Because the fact is that you’d probably be getting presents for everyone, but a personalized gift shows that you’re not just doing it for the sake of tradition but that you actually put thought into it all because you care.

You can get everything personalized these days, from phone covers to keychains, jewellery, leather wallets, and even Nutella jars! And it doesn’t have to be only their names. It can be inscriptions, significant dates, or a small sweet message.

A Complete Gift Basket for Those You Want to Go All Out For

Most of the time, when somebody tells you they don’t want anything, they’re just being modest. So, to work your way around the confusion, you can just make a basket of things that they might like and find useful.

These can be regular items like fuzzy socks and sling bags and a little more gift-worthy things like leather wallets and formal belts. Or if you think it’s not enough, you can throw in a few gift cards too!

In general, buying Christmas presents can take a lot of effort, but since you’ve still got a bit of time before the holidays, we suggest you shop online at Belt Up Online. You’d find amazing items to put in a gift basket at our store.

From men’s suit belts to ladies’ fashion belts and other assorted accessories, we are selling everything online in Australia.

Happy Shopping!

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