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Summer Fashion for Girls —3 Gorgeous Belts You Need in Your Closet

Summer is hands-down the best time of the year to put your most fashionable foot forward. And it’s especially refreshing after being cooped up in the house for so long.

But things are finally getting slightly better, which means you can finally hang out with your vaccinated friends!

But since you’re stepping out after so long, you might want to make sure that your fashion game is on point—for your Instagram feed, if nothing else!

Here are a few outfit ideas with must-have summer ladies’ fashion belts that you should keep in mind!

A Bright Flowy Dress with A White Statement Belt

A white leather belt with a golden buckle

Flowy dresses are the best in summers, whether you’re heading out for a coffee date with your best friends or need a coverup after a swim at the beach.

We suggest choosing a bright, colourful summer dress to pair up with a white statement belt like this one. The white will instantly pop out against the colourful backdrop, while the gold buckle will serve as the “statement factor.”

A White Tank Top Tucked in A Printed Midi Skirt Paired with A Thin Brown Belt

A brown leather belt with a silver buckle

This is the ultimate summer outfit. It works as a casual-running-errands sort of outfit and also looks pretty great for lunch in the city.

Since it’s summer, a white tank top should be your go-to choice, and you can pair it up with a nice printed mid-length skirt. The brown belt would help complete the summer look and would tie the whole outfit together.

Some Denim Shorts, A T-Shirt and A Casual Black and White Elastic Belt

A casual elastic belt in black and white

On days where you feel like you need the beat the heat before you can actually enjoy summer, you should opt for denim shorts. They’re comfortable, always trendy, and easy to style.

You can pair them up with a simple T-shirt, a scarf top, or a crop top depending on where you’re headed. And you can finish off the look with this casual but trendy black and white belt!

Besides these belts, you should also always have a neutral black leather belt in your closet—you’d be surprised at the number of summer outfits you can pair it up with. Also, invest in some colourful belts that you can use as statement belts with certain summer dresses.

If you want to get a better idea, check out our collection of women’s belts online at Belt Up Online in Australia. You can also buy kids’ belts and casual jeans belts here.

Find your favourites and place an order today!

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