Belt Up is the online marketplace for Apple Jewel Belts. Apple Jewel Belts is an Australian owned and operated business. We started as modest pop up shops in Brisbane offering very affordable belt options. We soon realised that we wanted to be a permanent fixture that people could rely on. The business has since evolved and now offers permanent locations in multiple cities across Australia.


It is our mission to provide quality leather belts at reasonable prices. We do this by sourcing our products direct from the manufacturer and or making the belts in-house. We are not about branding, instead we provide quality belts at the lowest possible price. We try to cater for all of our customers needs by creating an extensive range; from high quality genuine leather belts to premium handmade vegetable tanned leather belts.



We know we don’t always get it right, but we are dedicated to refining our products and ensuring a great customer experience with loyal returning customers.